17 comments on “Enduring Love by Ian McEwan | Book Review

  1. Ooh this sounds SO good! This is one of McEwan’s books that I always see in bookshops and I’m always tempted by it, so I guess I’m going to have to pick up a copy after all!

  2. I read one book by the author years ago called The Child in Time. I like the way the author examined the impact of something traumatic from the perspective of those directly affected by a tragedy, which is what it sounds like he’s done in this book. Although The Child in Time wasn’t one that blew me away, I have thought about giving another one of his books a try

  3. Amazing review! I’ve only read Atonement but would love to read more novels by McEwan; perhaps I’ll pick this one up!

    • Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it if you do.

      I haven’t actually read Atonement yet; ironic given that it’s probably his most famous book! I’d definitely like to pick it up at some point though 😊

  4. This sounds so much like it lives on the same street as Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith that you’ve got me excited. Guy and Bruno are pitted against each other as some sort of Innocence vs. Experience, or even Adult and Petulant Child. The way Bruno draws Guy in to feel culpable, when it’s debatable if he is at all, is breathtaking thriller noir at its best!

    • The tone of this isn’t dissimilar to that of Strangers on a Train actually. They definitely both focus on the psychology of the main characters, and the tension between them. So if you enjoyed SoaT, I think you could like this! I hope you do if you decide to give it a go 😊

  5. Great review! I find I don’t enjoy McEwan’s work much because he always leaves me feeling uncomfortable in my skin. Sounds like this would be similar, though you do make it sound fascinating.

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