12 comments on “Agatha Christie and Katherine Mansfield | Two Mini Reviews

  1. Confession. I have never read an Agatha Christie book! Which should I start with??
    I have read Mansfield’s short stories a few years ago, maybe those were included.

  2. I haven’t read this Chrisite yet but I sure plan to pick it up. Your review reminds me I should have shared my thoughts on Murder on the Orient Express by now! I plan to read Mansfield’s The Garden Party this year. But I like the compact size of this one, it could be nice to read them for a change of pace with longer reads?

    • I look forward to reading your thoughts on Murder on the Orient Express!

      Good thinking. I love a quick, compact read, and Penguin’s Little Black Classics are perfect for trying out an author.

    • Most of her best known characters are older, so it’s a motif she brings into a lot of her work. I especially liked it in her Tommy and Tuppence series, as we get to see them age throughout, and resist being resigned to a quiet retirement!

      • As popular as she is, I’ve only read Murder on the Orient Express! I’ve not become a fan of mysteries (not claiming to have made a huge whiter), but I do love noir, such as Strangers on a Train, which has mystery elements.

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