24 comments on “Favourite Book Quotes Tag

  1. What an excellent list! This has made me even more eager to try The Lightkeepers and The Gracekeepers (just realized how similar those titles are, lol). And the opening lines to All We Shall Know are just perfection.

  2. These are such wonderful quotes! This makes me want to give The Lightkeepers and All We Shall Know a try!

  3. Years ago, I read a book that has five long short stories, each by a different author. That was my introduction to Logan, way back in the days when I focused solely on small press books. She’s certainly done very well for herself!

  4. A fun post with some great quotes, Callum. And, of course, it does my heart good to see you refer to “Rebecca” as one of your favorite books of all time. (Okay, favourite. I’m American We spell things differently over here. 😀 ) I knew you would probably enjoy du Maurier, but you’ve exceeded my expectations in that regard. Such a lovely writer, and such a beautiful quote! 🙂

      • Have you read The Scapegoat, yet? Very different (in plot) from Rebecca, but a pretty interesting tale, with du Maurier’s special touch of irony. You might really enjoy it.

          • Oooh, I’d forgotten about the House on the Strand. I loved it. And of course, if my memory serves me correctly, Don’t Look Now is a collection of short stories. I believe The Birds is in there, which you probably know inspired the Hitchcock movie. I really enjoyed the whole collection. Whichever one you choose, I think you’ll be happy. 🙂

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