20 comments on “The 80s Movie Tag | Book Tag

  1. I’ve never felt compelled to read anything by Carrie Fisher because I was never into Star Wars and just kind of missed that boat altogether, but I ADORE this quote: “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” And I had to laugh at Final Girls for the ‘trip that didn’t go to plan’ answer 😂

    • As a kid I stubbornly thought I didn’t like Star Wars because my older brothers both loved it – how mature! 😂 But when I became a huge Carrie Fisher fan, it felt weird to not have properly watched what she’s most famous for, so I finally got into it a few years ago. So I’m definitely a Carrie fan first, and a Star Wars fan second.

      And yes, Final Girls is a major vacation fail 😂

    • I’m in the same boat. About half a dozen people have tried to force me to watch Star Wars, but because it seems to start in the middle of something with little explanation, I always tap out within 15 minutes. I feel like Fisher is a leader for women, but I also worry that her leadership will glorify drinking and drug use.

  2. Carrie Fisher is so great! I’ve never watched Star Wars, but I love her anyways. And I totally agree about Hedwig. I watched the seventh movie the other day and cried as soon as she was on screen because I knew what was coming

    • I love her too! I was a Carrie Fan long before I even got into Star Wars, and only really started watching them because I love her so much 😂

      Ugh, it makes me sad every time. I think her death is actually even sadder in the film, since she’s trying to protect Harry 😭

  3. Wonderful answers! I’m glad you had fun doing this tag 🙂 Fred and George are DEFINITELY a great pick for breaking the rules ha-ha. Ugh … Hedwig … I don’t think I’ll ever get over that. I know Rowling had her reasons and they make sense … BUT HEDWIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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