13 comments on “Two Non-Fiction Mini Reviews

  1. Just before Christmas I shared a review of an anthropological novel. In it, the African tribal members were very much afraid of owls, believing they were spirits come to haunt them and bad omens. The woman who wrote the book devised a way to scare off the owls in the night so the tribe would have a more productive and “normal” day the next morning. Otherwise, they spent a lot of time accusing each other of bad deeds that brought the owls down upon them.

  2. I like the idea of sharing mini reviews because I agree, some books I might not necessarily have a whole lot of things to say about them. I think I will also do books by the same author together too (that worked well with Sula and The Bluest Eye).

    I haven’t read or heard of either of this books. But both sound interesting, Owls are fascinating and I haven’t read Frankenstein so it does make me curious

    • Yes, that’s a good idea! 😊

      I hope you enjoy these if you decide to pick either of them up. Mary’s Monster by Lita Judge is an even more fabulous book about Shelley and Frankenstein if you were curious to know more about them.

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