10 comments on “January Wrap Up

  1. That’s a fair assessment of The Awakening, though I read it when I was 17 and not half as #woke, so it remains one of my all-time favorite books. I’m actually planning on rereading it this year and I’m a little nervous it won’t hold up, but I think at least I’ll be able to keep in mind what it meant to me the first time I read it. I really need to read some John Wyndham!

    • I can totally understand why you love it, and it’s undoubtedly a valuable piece of feminist lit. I think my expectations were just a bit too high, and I was probably viewing it too much from a modern perspective, to be fair. So, hopefully you’ll still love it when you pick it up again, and I’m certainly intrigued to see what your thoughts will be!

      I think Wyndham could become a real favourite. I don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve loved the two books by him that I’ve read so far.

      • It can be SO difficult to divorce your modern perspective from early feminist works, I am so guilty of that at times (see: The Handmaid’s Tale). But, I feel like there’s a good conversation to be had about whether the feminist value of these books does diminish over time, even if they were radical in their day.

        Which of Wyndham’s books would you recommend starting with?

        • Oh, yes. The Handmaid’s Tale is a prime example of that – as far as you and I are concerned anyway 😋 That’s very true; our understanding of social issues is constantly evolving, and so it’s only natural that fiction exploring said issues will become outdated to some extent.

          Of the two I’ve read, I probably preferred The Day of the Triffids. But I think either would be a perfectly good place to start with him.

  2. There is this shift in American media onto the prison system. Books like Orange is the New Black (and then the TV show later) and podcasts like Ear Hustle are waking people up. One of the co-hosts of Ear Hustle was sentenced to prison for over 30 years thanks to the three-strike system, which doesn’t work how you think it would, nor does it emphasize violent crime over people fighting poverty.

  3. Wonderstruck sounds fantastic. I’ll have to check it out! I love the idea of using both words and pictures to intertwine the story! I’ve had the Mars Room for… Probably over a year now… I should really get to it at some point.. 😕

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