13 comments on “XX by Angela Chadwick | Book Review

  1. YAY REVIEWS! Not that I didn’t read your reviews on Goodreads already, but still. Anyway, I’m so torn about whether I want to read this book, because I keep hearing wonderful things and it sounds absolutely brilliant, but I tend to dislike books about motherhood, especially if that undercurrent of ‘you don’t get it until you have children’ is there… I’m still undecided but your review has certainly piqued my interest!

    • It’s funny you say that, because I was really in two minds about whether to recommend this to you or not, for those very reasons. It was so readable, and I loved the concept/themes. The added queer element, and the inner turmoil of one of the characters kept it feeling fresher than most ‘motherhood’ novels, but the execution was definitely a little clumsy at times. Thankfully, I was sufficiently invested to see beyond it, but I’d be very intrigued to see how you get on with it if you decide to pick it up!

      • My tastes remain worryingly consistent 😂 I think I’ll add it to my TBR and hope to stumble across a copy at some point. It does sound awfully interesting, and I probably shouldn’t group all ‘motherhood novels’ together – as you say, some are inevitably much fresher than others.

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