16 comments on “November Wrap Up

  1. Fairly unrelated: a friend of mine from uni is called Robert MacFarlane and seeing that author’s name always makes me take a doubletake.
    I do love that you are slowly making your way through Agatha Christie’s books; I really should do, too.

  2. I somehow missed that you read On Chesil Beach this month but I am SO glad you liked it! I’m still so impressed with how much McEwan is able to say in such a tiny little book. I really wanted to start The Cement Garden this month but didn’t get around to it, but hopefully next month.

    • YES, his work is so understated that it’s easy to forget how much I always enjoy his books when I pick them up. I’ll definitely be reading more of him, hopefully sooner rather than later. And I’m excited to hear how you get on with The Cement Garden!

  3. I felt so similarly about Starfish!!! I thought the anxiety was so well depicted, but a lot of it fell flat. And you describe Howl’s so well! It’s one of my favourites, but I think the plot is definitely slower than it could’ve been. Have you watched the movie?

  4. Callum, the diversity in your reading choices this month is always refreshing and I learned quite a bit by reading your rollup! I didn’t know that Howl’s Moving Castle was a book. My daughter is a fan of the movie because she loves the director, Hayao Miyazaki. I’ve seen most of his famous movies with her. Survivor brought a tear to my eye. We must remember those stories.

    I’m reading a five-star book, Texas Fandango, by Cynthia D’Alba. It is contemporary western romance, the second book in a series that started with Texas Two-Step. The couple in this book are keeping me up late because I can’t put the book down. Started it three days ago and will probably finish it tonight. It’s a marriage-of-convenience plot with a hunky cowboy, a likeable doctor, and cameos of other Montgomerys. I’ll start the third in the series like a chain reader as soon as I finish the second unless the ending severely disappoints.

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