30 comments on “My Bad Reading Habits Tag

  1. Haha, besides the one I mentioned too, I do the same things as you. 😀 I didn’t use a library in more than a year I think, I count pages like a control freak, and I definitely put off longer reads, especially as of late. My next long read is supposed to be the next one in Outlander series, which will be the longest book I’ve ever read, with 1500+ pages. :S Every time I want to pick it up, I can’t contain myself from counting how many shorter books I can read in that time frame, so I end up reading the shorter ones. :/

  2. Thank you so much for the tag! I’m so similar on so many of these, especially counting pages. I’m like “so it’s nine pages to the next chapter or 28 pages until the chapter after that, and then I’ll have read 10% of the book today”

  3. Ooh fun I’ll definitely do this! I don’t use the library half as much as I should, but since getting an Overdrive account where I can check out ebooks and audiobooks I’ve started to use it a lot more (thankfully, I was destined for bankruptcy at the rate I was going). And you know I am right there with you in putting off long books for absolutely no good reason.

  4. How interesting! Loved reading your answers!

    I think my worst book habits are buying more books than I can read in a lifetime and telling friends I’m having an early night and cant make it out for fun and games because I’m rushing to get back to a book!

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  6. I am SO bad about the counting thing, so I totally feel you on that. Sometimes I wish page numbers weren’t there so I wouldn’t get so distracted by them. I just love numbers and statistics, I can’t help it!

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