17 comments on “Book to Film | Frankenstein

  1. My high school teacher who assigned this was BIG into film adaptations, and we watched one for every book we read that year (incidentally that’s how I started watching LOST, because she couldn’t find her Lord of the Flies DVD). This is the Frankenstein adaptation we watched and I don’t remember many specifics but I do remember having the same overall impression – well-done but definitely missing something. I imagine this would be a particularly difficult text to translate into film in a way that’s both subtle and impactful for viewers.

    • How cool; I wish I had been able to get watch LOST in school 😂 Yes, I totally agree. After I wrote this review I was looking into the film and saw that the screenwriter said it was the best script he ever wrote, but one of the worst films he ever watched. Whilst I think the latter statement is way too harsh, I know what he means about the discrepancy between the potential of the source material and the effect of what was presented onscreen. I still thought it was a solid effort though; and I liked that the doctor’s creation was a complex, developed being, as in the novel, rather than a mindless, groaning monster.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! This is probably the closest adaptation I’ve seen but you’re right that it went a bit far with the melodrama. I initially thought De Niro was a strange casting choice for the creature but he really did give a strong performance. Not a perfect film but not the worst either.

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  5. Interesting post, Callum. I have never seen this version but have watched the recent and more loosely based one featuring Daniel Radcliffe – wasn’t a huge fan. I love Kenneth Branagh’s more recent movies he directed, so I might give this one a go. Have you watched his other works like Murder on the Orient Express and Cinderella etc, and did you think he has developed over time?

    • Thanks, Ayunda 😊 I’ve seen his version of Murder on the Orient Express and I liked it too. He definitely has a grand, sumptuous approach, as both are visually beautiful and ambitious. The pacing was probably better in Murder on the Orient Express, so I suppose he has developed since Frankenstein. I’d be interested to know your thoughts if you ever watch this version 😊

  6. I agree with you that this version of Frankenstein was beautifully filmed and did a good job of capturing the Creation (I think it was called the Creature in the book if I remember correctly) as a character to be pitied as well as feared. My disappointment with the movie came with what happened to Elizabeth later in the film (I’m trying not spoil it for others who haven’t seen it yet). In the novel, Victor was filled with too much regret and loved Elizabeth too much for that to happen.

    Thank you for liking two of my recent posts and Happy Holidays! 🙂

  7. I must say, this was my defining Frankenstein growing up. It’s nice to see someone talking about it!

    Good read

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