35 comments on “Let’s Recommend | Halloween Reads

  1. I am getting more and more excited to read The Haunting of Hill House this year! Also, I still haven’t read any Stephen King which feels like a crime for a horror fan…

    • I hope you enjoy it! It’ll be your first Jackson, right?

      I’ve picked up a King in October for the last three years running, so it seems to be developing into a little Halloween tradition! From what I’ve read so far (Misery, Carrie, and Dolores Claiborne), I will say that he writes compelling anti-heroines very well.

  2. Excellent list, Callum. I definitely need to pick up Haunting of Hill House, especially because I was thoroughly creeped out by We Have Always Lived in the Castle… did you check out Netflix’s trailer of the series adaptation of Hill House? It looks absolutely creepy.

    • I hope you like it! I loved We Have Always Lived in the Castle, so you’ll hopefully enjoy Hill House as well 😊

      I have seen the trailer; it looks very creepy! It seems to be quite different from the book plot-wise though, so I’m intrigued to see how the two compare.

  3. Excellent recommendations. I am legend it one of my favourites as is Hill House. Adding Wytches to my list as have White is for witching to read and think this would be a good follow up.

  4. Check out the novella The Last Final Girl by Stephen Graham Jones. It’s written like a movie script and is all about the final girl who survives at the end of a horror flick. Many of you’re choices are cinematic, so I think you’ll like it.

  5. The Silence sounds amazing! But I am so easily scared I really should not be reading any horror books ever. Today I watched the trailer for the new Pet Semetary and even that was too scary for me; it is in fact a bit ridiculous how easily I get scared.

  6. That’s a great list but, in all honestly, I found Carrie a very disappointing book. Maybe it is because I was no longer a young adult when I read it but it just does not contain any literary merit. It reads like a thrilling screenplay, and that is not what any author desires their book to be.

  7. I have ‘The Silence’ on order from Amazon! Can’t wait to read it. I recently read ‘Bird Box’ so ‘The Silence’ appeared in my recommended buys 🙂

  8. Great choices 🙂 I read somewhere that Stephen was never happy with Carrie. I can’t exactly remember why (except it was one of his earlier works) but I find it interesting that it’s one of his more well-known novels. I love finding out how authors feel about their books!

    • If I remember rightly, it was his debut, and he worried that people wouldn’t like a man writing about a teenage girl (especially given certain sensitive scenes), but his wife encouraged him to continue with it, and helped him to make the female narrative voice feel believable.

      It is funny though, that a writer’s best-known work is often different from their own personal preference.

      • I agree. And that jogged my memory, so thanks. I can’t seem to retain as much information of late! I blame it on interpreting and having to constantly use my short term memory- it’s as good excuse as any! 😁

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  10. These all seem great! I’m definitely adding I Am Legend and The Silence to my TBR. I also want to reread Carrie since I haven’t read it since middle school and I’m sure I missed a LOT.

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