21 comments on “OMG That Song | Book Tag

  1. Thank God I’m over 30..lol! I was too old for an Avril angst phase. 😂😂
    I’m LOVING that cover of Famous Blue Raincoat!!… Do I feel a “who did it better?” music Monday in the future?? Hmm….
    SO HAPPY you chose Bjork for the song that speaks to you!! I didn’t even think people still know who Bjork was! 😂😂
    And “still Alive”?? One of the best songs EVER! 💖💖😍

  2. Haha Avril Lavigne was the ultimate soundtrack to my angsty tween years!
    And definitely agree with chilling (and reading) to anything London Grammar.

  3. An additional treat to these tags I enjoy so much, some music to check out! I’ve always had a strange relationship with music because my tendency is to lean towards silence when my brain is so full! I do enjoy music, and have songs that are so wrapped up in memories I’m instantly transported in time, so I do get the magic. I just need to get better at actually tuning in! 🙂

  4. I LOVE Bachelorette and Alive. I just listened to the rest (except Complicated because I do not need that stuck in my head all day) and that Leonard Cohen cover is insanely amazing.

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