12 comments on “Spotlight | Persephone Books

  1. Not only do I not own a Persephone book, I didn’t even know they existed! It’s like I live under a rock 🤣 I’m going to visit their site now…I deserve a little gift. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. They are beautiful books and the shop is like a treasure chest. Hope you get to the shop one day soon.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, and you really make me want to buy one of them even more. Ever since I heard about them I’ve always browsed through their website occasionally, wondering which one I should buy first. Never got the chance to order anything, but I will someday!

  4. A lot of people have a hard time justifying buying a new book when they could just order it very cheaply from Amazon, but if booksellers really put more time and quality materials into their books, then readers are excited to buy these brand new works! Thank you for sharing your collection, Callum!

    • My pleasure! I quite agree; a willingness to go the extra mile, that in turn shows passion for what they do, is definitely the way for independent publishers to make their mark and stay relevant in an ever digital, Amazon-dominated market.

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