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      • I think the author’s name is Stephanie and the book is a Gothic read set in Louisiana with alligators….in the mean time, have you read Interview With The Vampire?

        • It’s not ringing any bells, but it certainly sounds intriguing.

          As for Interview With The Vampire, I haven’t read that either, but have of course heard good things. So that’s one to add to the list.

  1. Ooh I love this tag! I meant to read The Turn of the Screw last October but never got around to it, but this will definitely be the year!

    • I couldn’t resist the tag when I saw it; some of them invite similar answers from most readers, but I love that everyone’s interpretation will be completely different with this one.

      Hope you enjoy The Turn of the Screw! I think the fact that I studied it, but still look back on it fondly, is a good sign.

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  5. I love this!! I’ve been getting more and more into Gothic fiction after rediscovering my childhood/teenage love for all things macabre. Out of your list of faves I’ve only read Rebecca, but literally every single one of the other books is on my list! Frankenstein is actually the next book I’m planning to read (and I’m trying to read more Gothic classics in general – my ultimate goal is to read the Major Classics of the genre, like Udolpho, Otranto, and The Monk but they are all gigantic so I am intimidated). And I also own The Silent Companions, but I’m waiting for the weather to get ~spookier~ before I read that, haha! Also, have you read The Wicked Cometh by Laura Carlin? I haven’t either but Rachel and I were planning a buddy read in October so you should join us if you haven’t read it!

    I’m also reading a non-fiction book called “In Darkest London: The Gothic Cityscape in Victorian Literature” that’s basically just a study of the Gothic tradition, with a focus on the location of London. I’m only on chapter 1 but so far it’s really intriguing!

    • Yes, I know what you mean about the weather. Roll on autumn/winter so I can bask in all its gothic glory!

      Ooh, I have a copy of The Wicked Cometh but haven’t read it yet, so that could work out perfectly! Thanks 😊

      I hope you enjoy Frankenstein, and I’ll keep an eye out for your thoughts on that non-fiction book too; it sounds very intriguing!

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