16 comments on “Book to Film | Ordeal by Innocence

  1. I usually enjoy BBC productions, and since I haven’t read any Christie books, it’d be fun for me to watch the series first and then go back to reading. I’m a fan of mini-series–it seems like they’re becoming a little more common now.

    • I am too! And I think they work particularly well for book adaptations. I like that they allow a bit more time to develop things than they would have in a film, but they don’t have to over stretch things to make it into a full TV show.

  2. There are times when I’m happy that two works of art sort of speak to each other instead of being as similar as possible, but I can’t say that is always true for me. I know Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca is pretty faithful to the novel, but Hitchcock didn’t want it that way, and the producer had to watch Hitchcock’s every move to get a faithful rendition.

    Does Bill Nighy have a large role in the Christie film? I love his work!

    • I agree, some things work well on the page that wouldn’t translate well to the screen, so an adaptation should always be given freedom to breathe. In some cases, a direct translation works well, in others, it’s necessary to make significant changes whilst honouring the spirit of the source material.

      Yes, Nighy plays a key role.

  3. The only BBC adaptation I’ve seen is Pride and Prejudice, and I rarely watch mini series (don’t judge, I watch too much American television). Based on your review, though, I’ll likely give this a go 🙂

  4. I just watched a BBC (I think) reproduction of And Then There Were None–3 parts too I think. I love Agatha Christie but this was a bit dark for what I’m used to from her. Is this one like that? Maybe I’ll watch it.

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