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  1. The Water Cure is an amazing book!!! I loved it. Also, the covers of the newly released books are so pretty!!! That alone makes me want to buy them. (Super guilty about it, tbh)

  2. Ugh, The Power is one of those books I feel like I should read, especially since I own it, but the more disappointed reviews I see of it the less and less excited I get. I should just bite the bullet and get it over with. Also I love how the two classics you don’t want to read are two of my least favorite classics of all time. GOOD INTUITION.

    Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you about this since you’re one of the only people I know who’s also read Jo Cox’s biography. Did you hear about the sexual assault allegations against Brendan, and has that changed the way you think about the book at all? The whole thing makes me feel a little sick, but I still don’t feel bad having loved and supported the book, especially since Brendan’s resigned from the Jo Cox Foundation. And the book is mostly a celebration of Jo, after all… but ugh, it’s so disheartening. Trust no straight man.

    • I had been looking forward to The Power for ages, so can’t pretend I wasn’t let down. I wouldn’t want to put you off if you’re still tempted, as many people love it, BUT, I would say that many of my complaints were similar to those I had with The Handmaid’s Tale, and if I remember rightly, you weren’t overly enamoured with it either?

      If I wasn’t sure I didn’t want to read War and Peace before, seeing your harrowing struggles with it definitely convinced me 😂

      Ugh, yes. I was so disappointed. I very nearly didn’t recommend the book for that very reason, but I didn’t want to deny how much it impacted me, and I hate the idea of no longer supporting Jo’s legacy, which the book itself does beautifully. Since the money all goes to the foundation, which Brendan is no longer affiliated with, I’m happy to still back it. It’s become a major case of having to separate the artist from the art, which is real shame.

      • I’d been wanting to read The Power ever since it won the Women’s Prize, but then I kept seeing reviews crop up from people whose opinions I trust saying that they were disappointed by it. Ugh, right you are about The Handmaid’s Tale, I am very much not a fan. I’m definitely still going to read The Power… maybe my lowered expectations will help??? We can only hope??

        Very well said re: Brendan – that’s pretty much exactly how I feel. What’s so disheartening is the fact that the love between Jo and Brendan was so palpable the way he told it, and now thinking about their marriage just makes me sad. But this doesn’t in any way diminish the work Jo did or the amazing person she was, and thankfully that’s the main focus of the book. And like you said, the fact that the proceeds go to the Jo Cox Foundation and not Brendan makes separating the art from the artist possible in a way that it usually isn’t in these situations.

        • I do think there was an element of being hurt by the hype for me, so here’s hoping you’ll get on better with it since you aren’t expecting too much!

          Exactly. If the book hadn’t been so centred around Jo as a person and the things she stood for, I’d struggle to still stand by it. But knowing proceeds directly fund the initiatives she founded, supported and believed in is heartening at least.

  3. Louise O’Neill just cranks out books that leave you feeling awful because they’re so powerful. My husband recently reread Saga. He said they’re still coming out with new comics. I wonder where and how it will end. I’ve not read them myself, but I am aware of how long-running series can be popular. Waking Dead is a good example.

    • Yeah, she certainly tackles hard-hitting topics. I admire her for being unflinching though, and am excited to catch up with more of her work.

      I wonder about that too. I always hope with a big series that they have a definite end-goal in sight. There’s nothing worse than something starting out great then falling from grace slowly… Thankfully Saga is still going strong for now though.

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  5. i am super interested in your thoughts on the Louise O’Neill; she is one of those authors that I am super intrigued by but not enough so far to actually pick up a book. But; re-tellings are my jam (most of the time).

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