13 comments on “Book to Film | Annihilation

  1. I haven’t read or seen this! Liking the film happens more often than people would think. I think book and movie enthusiasts like ourselves, notice it more. Great post!

  2. I hadn’t realised that this was a book, but I really enjoyed the film, although the night of and the day after I wouldn’t have used that expression because I needed to sit with it for a while. I’m glad that they didn’t cave to pressure to get a bigger release because it had all the right elements 😊

    • I totally get what you mean. There’s so much going on that it can feel a little overwhelming at the time, but the more I’ve mulled it over, the more impressed I am by it.

  3. ooh…I feel a film night coming on! It is rare that a film is better than the book (at least in my experience), so I’m curious. The only decision now is…do I watch the film before or after I read the book! That can make all the difference 🙂

  4. My friend told me she didn’t like the film, so I didn’t go see it! Doh! Maybe it will come to U.S. Netflix really fast? I didn’t know Jennifer Jason Leigh was cast in this pic. I haven’t seen her since the 90s when she was romanced by Freddie Prince, Jr.! She’s All That, I think it was called? Thanks for your recommendation. It sounds like you would super dig Bird Box by Joshua Malerman. I still think about it, and that rare for a book to have that effect on me.

    • Oh yes, I adore Bird Box! I read it a couple of years ago and I still find myself thinking about it often now. If you enjoyed that, it could well be worth giving this film a go; there is a similarity in tone, I’d say.

        • I’ve read a novella by him, A House at the Bottom of a Lake. I enjoyed its imagery and tone but wasn’t blown away like I was with Bird Box. He has a couple of other novels out too, which I’ve heard mixed things about but haven’t tried myself yet.

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