20 comments on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Congratulations, Callum! And well-deserved, I must say! Lovely cats! (We have four, and 2 dachshunds, as well). Barney is adorable, too. Nice to learn a bit more about you, too. 🙂

    • Thank you, Marcia 😊 Oh, I do have a soft spot for dachshunds! I feel like I see them everywhere these days, and I’m convinced it’s the universe taunting me into getting one 😉

      • Be prepared, Callum. They may look all adorably sausagey and stubby-legged, but they are unbelievably brave, opinionated, stubborn, and loud far beyond their size. 😀 They’ll take on rottweilers without batting a little canine eye. But if you have the patience, they are worth it on general cuteness and lovability alone. 😀 You’ve been warned! 😉

  2. I know I always say how cute your cats are but THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE. I love all cats equally but I’ve always had a secret preference for tabby cats. And your dog is cute too, of course. Do they all get along?

    Thanks for tagging me!

    • Haha, that’s quite alright. I’m British, so I’m much better at accepting compliments for my pets than I am for myself!

      Yes, thankfully they do! The dog gets on really well with both cats (the cats actually sleep in his bed, sometimes whilst he’s in it too, which melts my heart, needless to say). Frankie is a bit of a diva, so she kicks off at Oscar sometimes, but he’s so gentle and laid back that it never amounts to anything 😂

  3. Your pets are gorgeous!! And even though I have such a cat bias that dog looks so soft and sweet. And I 100% agree about those buzzwords, those are the best. Thanks for tagging me!!

  4. A well-deserved nomination! I really enjoy your blog and it’s great to find out more about you 🙂 definitely agree with your buzzwords!

    Thanks for tagging me, it means a lot! 🙂

  5. I love that you still have your copy of The School Cat, and it looks to be in pretty good condition. I wish my What-a-Mess looked as good, but I shared it around the family and my kin are not as…shall we say, careful, about handling such treasures! Congrats on the award 🙂

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