11 comments on “March Wrap Up

  1. I recently bought The Falconer and I think you may have now persuaded me to read it in the not so distant future!

    I can’t believe it’s April tomorrow either (what’s scary is at work we give 14 week deadlines and when we put something on hold until the offer expiring they’re now in JULY it’s crazy)!

    I hope April is just as productive for you on the reading front!

    • I hope you enjoy it 😊 Alice Thompson’s work always gets me thinking.

      It’s crazy, isn’t it? It just seems to be flying by.

      Thank you very much, and happy reading to you!

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  3. I’ve just finished my 7th Christie so I need to catch up 😉 The one I just read was also my first Marple, and I have a feeling I’m going to be team Poirot… What I did like about her was how some of her deductions came from observing human nature and noticing deviations from characters’ normal behavior, but there were also certain moments where I was kind of annoyed with the massive leaps in logic based on ‘intuition.’ Poirot’s methodical approach definitely appeals to my logical brain more.

    • I totally agree! There’s definitely a charm to the idea of a sweet old lady having become a great amateur sleuth simply through a keen eye for observation and years of people watching. But, it definitely requires some suspension of disbelief. My brain finds it a lot easier to compute Poirot’s approach, that’s for sure.

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