6 comments on “February Wrap Up

  1. I’ve only read one Woolf novel (To the Lighthouse) but I felt the same way, I was so disappointed that I didn’t like it more. I’ve been meaning to give her another try, but I have a feeling she may just not be for me… which is unfortunate as I want to love her.

    I’m glad you found another great Christie novel! I need to get back to reading her in March, it’s been a few months now.

    • I’m glad it’s not just me. Weirdly, having been disappointed twice now, I still feel like giving her another shot, but I think that’s down to wanting to like her more than actually having taken anything from what I’ve tried thus far.

      On the other hand, Christie’s fast becoming my go to author when I need a good ‘pick me up’ read. She just captures me right away, every time!

  2. I must read some Ira Levin! I’ve been meaning to start Rosemarys Baby for ever! I’d heard A Kiss Before Dying, but didn’t know the author. Great post, you’ve reminded me about Levin, thank you 😊

    • My pleasure, glad you enjoyed the post! 😊

      I definitely want to read more Levin too! I not only adored A Kiss Before Dying, I thought Rosemary’s Baby was excellent as well.

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