17 comments on “Two Tags for the Price of One

  1. I also own the Essex Serpent but still haven’t got round to it yet! I really want to read Little Deaths now – it sounds great. But I’ve never really got on with Ali Smith’s writing – I don’t get the hype!

    • I haven’t actually tried Ali Smith before. Her style definitely seems to split people, but I’ve heard Autumn is one of her more accessible books, so hopefully I’ll get on okay with it.

      I’m excited about The Essex Serpent too! I’ve been meaning to get to it for a while, so here’s hoping we both enjoy it 😊

      • Maybe I’ll have to give Autumn a go. I read the Accidental and some of her short stories but wasn’t a big fan.

  2. We do say autumn! I think it’s more common to say fall, but if someone said ‘I love autumn’ here you wouldn’t be like ‘wow, are you British or something?!’ So yes, we do use autumnal.

    Also I LOVE your 3 characters collage and that unicorn story is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Ah, that’s good to know! Language is a funny old thing, isn’t it?

      Haha, I’m not sure whether it was liberating or purely a moment of madness to share that particular story 🦄

  3. It is great that you are not only focusing on YA books! I do see that a lot of blogs go around that. I like those because they are easy to read and it is not that “hard” to devour it in a few hours. Have fun instead of watching TV you know XD
    Thank you for answering the questions Callum! :3 The Crazy Cat Lady made me laugh so hard haha I know only the first book you mention haha but I like to read time to time more serious books 🙂 when I think that my life has no north and my bookish likes are lost XD

    Thank you very much for sharing! PS: I loved your dog and little cat ❤

    • I must say, I was glad that I had held off picking up the original copy when I saw this one. The edges of the pages are blue as well, so it’s even prettier than it first seems!

      Thanks for your comment 😊

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