6 comments on “Strangers on a Train | Theatre Review

  1. I had similar feelings about the stage adaptation of And Then There Were None – adequate but the changes it made from the original story really didn’t work for me. I’m glad you enjoyed bits of it though. I’m not familiar with Strangers on a Train at all, not the book or the play or the movie, but I’ve been meaning to read more Highsmith so I should really get to that soon, because the premise sounds very intriguing.

    • It’s a difficult balance to get right, I imagine, because I totally understand that certain elements that work on a page just wouldn’t be feasible or make sense on a stage or on screen, but I think any significant changes in that respect should feel justified. The changes they made here completely altered the overall outcome for all the major characters, and in doing so, the entire lasting impression of the story, which felt unnecessary.

      Still, the quality of the production was great, so not a wasted afternoon by any stretch.

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