8 comments on “Winter is Coming | Book Tag

  1. Always enjoy reading your posts Callum. So interesting that you chose two Tom Fletcher novels. I bought There’s A Monster In Your Book by the same author and it’s excellent for toddlers with opportunity for interaction.

  2. Trying to decide if I should do this tag or if the questions about happy books will just thwart me 😉 I still haven’t read Cursed Child but I (rather unfortunately) have tickets to see the Broadway production in the fall… I keep hearing it’s better on stage but I’m just mad at its general existence.

    Also, that Leonora Carrington book looks fascinating! I haven’t heard of her but I love surrealist art.

    • They were a genuine struggle, haha.

      As hypocritical as it may be, there is a part of me that would still be intrigued to see how it plays out on stage, even if just to see how they handle the practical effects. And I do know of a couple of people who weren’t fans of the story but were able to objectively enjoy it as a theatre experience, so hopefully you’ll get on okay with it! Like you said though, it’s the mere existence of it that increasingly frustrates me. I just don’t think anything not officially penned by Rowling should ever have been released as a part of the supposed canon.

      Carrington’s art is gorgeous! She was a writer as well, and I believe she led quite the life, so I’m hoping to learn more about her from this book and then explore her own writing.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the tag! I swear, you always have such unique book options for book tags. I feel like I repeat myself…a lot ha-ha. I concur with The Cursed Child. I REALLY wanted to like it…but I couldn’t. I was shocked I finished it, but I really wanted to write a review on it and to say that I finished it. I might have to check out some of these books you’ve posted! Fantastic post!

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