7 comments on “December Wrap Up

  1. What a Christmassy reading month! This made me very excited to dive back into the illustrated Harry Potters soon, I read the first one when it came out, but I have the second and third still waiting for me. Also, I haven’t read The Testament of Mary, but this sentence:

    “As a concept, I thought it was fascinating, and the writing itself was very nice, I just found it a little lacking somehow, and wish Tóibín had pushed things a little further in terms of its themes and emotional impact.”

    is EXACTLY how I felt about the two Tóibín novels that I have read.

    • The illustrated Harry Potters are gorgeous, I’ve read the first three each consecutive December since they started coming out, so I’m hoping to make it a little Christmas tradition.

      Glad it wasn’t just me who felt that way about Tóibín. I definitely enjoyed The Testament of Mary enough to try more by him though.

      • What a lovely Christmas tradition!

        As for Tóibín I’ve only read The House of Names, which I can’t say I recommend at all, and Brooklyn, which was…. okay, just kind of bland. I do intend to read The Testament of Mary, The Master, and The Story of the Night at some point… he’s one of those authors who I think I’ll stubbornly keep reading until I find one of his books that I love, because I feel like I should love him. But so far my experience with his books can be summed up as ‘meh.’

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