14 comments on “November Wrap Up

  1. I’m glad you loved Jen Campbell’s book! I’ve been on the fence about picking it up since I don’t generally love magical realism, but she’s so clever I imagine it must be an interesting read. I’d highly recommend The Awakening by Chopin, especially since it deals with the same themes you mentioned in those two stories. And Cove sounds fascinating, I’ll definitely check that out!

    • It’s funny because it’s so beautiful and thought-provoking that I kept thinking, ‘Rachel might love this…’, but then I know you’re not a big fan of magical realism so was hesitant to recommend it to you specifically. (I’m not huge on magical realism either, for the record, but in short stories I can cope with it MUCH more, I’ve found). I think it could go either way for you because there’s no denying that there are weird elements in the plots, but the kind that cleverly mask real world commentary on themes I think you’d enjoy.

      Ooh, yes, I’ve heard good things about The Awakening and was definitely intrigued enough by Chopin to give her another go.

      I’m really loving Cynan Jones. I’ve read two books by him this year and both kind of snuck up on me. His prose has a dreamlike feel to it, direct yet lyrical, and his plots/themes are deceptively subtle.

      • That recommendation trepidation when you think a book could go either way is so real! I think you’ve inspired me to check it out when the mood strikes, though. Come to think of it I don’t believe I’ve read any magical realism short stories, so I can’t knock it until I’ve tried it! And I’m all about magic and weirdness being used allegorically for real world issues – it’s when the magic feels overly arbitrary that I get annoyed with it.

        Ohh I’ve definitely got to check out Cynan Jones, “direct yet lyrical” is one of my favorite styles of prose.

        • Me too, and I’d say that it’s definitely the allegorical approach that Campbell takes, thankfully!

          I feel like Cynan Jones’s style achieves what Megan Hunter tried (and for me, failed) to do in The End We Start From.

  2. Looks like you had a good month for reading! I’ve been tempted to read Murder on the Orient Express all year. Too bad I was stupid enough to spoil the ending for myself on wikipedia 😂 Glad you liked it!

  3. So many of these are on my TBR! The Vegetarian, The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night, The Bear and the Nightingale (which you sadly did not like… 😔). And you managed to read so much!

    • Ooh, I hope you enjoy them! 🙂 I wouldn’t worry too much about me not getting on with The Bear and the Nightingale, because I definitely seem to be in the minority there, and I suspect I overhyped it a lot for myself which made it more disappointing than it would have been otherwise.

  4. Looks like a great month of reading!! I’ve never read Agatha Christie before, but I REALLY need to get on that. I’m reading The Bear and the Nightingale right now and am really enjoying it, but I’m intrigued about the questionable decisions made at the end now.

    • Ooh, you should give her a go for sure! I only tried her for the first time this year but she’s fast on her way to becoming one of my favourite authors.

      I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying The Bear and the Nightingale. I definitely seem to be in the minority in terms of not getting on with it, so I think my own over-hyping was a major factor.

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