13 comments on “Five-Star Read Predictions | Update

  1. Oh wow, two stars to The Bear and the Nightingale!! That’s too bad! I was hoping to get to that one soon, I recently bought the e-book and I’d heard nothing but good things. I’ll have to check out your review. I think I’ll do this challenge, it looks like fun but also kind of tricky!

      • Admittedly after reading your review I’m a little concerned….. I also don’t love fantasy and had been hoping for a fairy tale-esque realist story 😦 Fingers crossed though, maybe I’ll be able to adjust my expectations ahead of time?!

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  4. I have one five-star prediction in Nora Roberts “Year One”, though it may be that long before I can get to it in my TBR.

    Maybe the anticipation will tempt me to go out of order to see one of my all-time favorite authors take on the extinction level event genre.

    I will share when I finally do read it.

    Are you marking any new five-star predictions?

  5. That’s great you got one 5-star read at least! I just did a post like this and it will be so interesting to see whether any will actually be a 5-star read 🙂

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