10 comments on “Book to Film | Murder on the Orient Express

  1. I haven’t seen this yet but I’m so relieved to hear it was good!! I was kind of iffy on the idea of Branagh as Poirot but I’m glad to hear he was able to carry it off. That’s too bad Olivia Colman doesn’t get more to do, she’s one of my favorite actresses and I was excited to hear she was in this. Anyway, great review, I’m even more excited for this now – I’ll let you know what I think when I see it!

    • I think it served me well that I hadn’t watched previous adaptations, as it meant there was no obvious comparison to be made between Branagh and other Poirot actors, and I thought he was pretty charming in the role, so hopefully you get on with him as well.

      I adore Colman too, so perhaps that’s why I was left wanting more of her. She’s still great though! She could read the phonebook and I’d watch.

      I’m excited to hear your thoughts when you see it! From what I see it’s splitting opinion so far, though most of the more negative reviews I’ve seen refer to older versions of Poirot, so I suspect loyalty plays a big part in whether or not someone can engage with it. Hope you enjoy it!

      • I haven’t actually seen any Christie adaptations on the screen! (Unless the Christie episode of Doctor Who counts…) So I’m definitely going into it with an open mind! I genuinely like Branagh, he can be a bit OTT but I think that will serve him well with a role like Poirot. Anyway, I don’t have any concrete plans to see it, but hopefully I’ll get around to it in the next week or two!

        Have you seen The Lobster? I’m extremely biased toward its weirdness, but Colman is so fantastic in that. I didn’t know she could do comedy so well.

        • Yeah, I think the slight eccentricity he brings can work with a character as quirky as Poirot.

          I haven’t seen it yet but I want to! I was amazed by how well she does comedy too, especially darkly funny stuff like Fleabag and Flowers.

  2. It’s good to hear that Branagh was a good Poirot, since he wouldn’t be someone I’d say would make a good Poirot. I am partial though since I think Suchet was brilliant as Poirot and I love all of the movies with him. Loved the post!

    • I’ll be interested to see how he compares once I see other screen versions of Poirot. I think it helped that I wasn’t already loyal to any other actors in the role since this was my first.

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it 😊

  3. Great post, but goodness, I still don’t understand how people can think that Branagh makes a good Poirot – what about the faithfulness to the original source? Don’t Christie books and her visions count for anything at all? It says there in black and white that Poirot is a bit overweight, and constantly refers to his egg-shaped head. Branagh with his Scandinavian jaw line is completely opposite of what Poirot should look like. Besides Branagh makes Poirot so arrogant and self-centered in this film, it is disgusting to see.

    • Each to their own. Personally I’m not too bothered about slight physical differences, it’s performance that matters most.

      And as for Branagh bringing an edge of arrogance to Poirot, I felt it was perfectly in keeping with Agatha Christie’s characterisation of him. She herself loathed him by the end of her career, and described him as an “insufferable… detestable, bombastic, tiresome, ego-centric little creep”. I wouldn’t say Branagh took it that far, but he certainly brought an edge of enigmatic and eccentric ego to the role, which given Christie’s opinion seems fair.

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