10 comments on “Spotlight | Little Black Classics

  1. Ahh I love these editions, I’ve been wanting to start collecting them for ages. There’s this box set on Amazon that has 80 of them for $80 and every once in a while I just stare at it wistfully, lol. Which is your favorite that you’ve read so far?

    • Ooh, yes, I saw that box set and must say it was mighty tempting. My favourites so far have probably been The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 3 creepy and clever short stories with a great feminist edge; The Sea Raiders by H.G. Wells, 3 short stories that show how diverse he could be genre-wise; and The Suffragettes, a collection of speeches, essays, posters. etc. from both sides of the suffrage movement.

      In terms of the best random find I would never have known about if I hadn’t been browsing the series, I’d definitely say A Hippo Banquet by Mary Kingsley, excerpts from the travel diary of a Victorian Englishwoman who became an explorer and scientist in the wilds of Africa; crazily ahead of her time.

      • Oooh lots of good stuff here! I have a different edition of The Yellow Wallpaper and have been meaning to read it for ages. The Suffragettes sounds like a really enlightening read too. And I love classics like that that give you a perspective that seems really ahead of its time (like Forster’s Maurice, written in 1913 which has a gay protagonist who’s actually happy – we can hardly even get that today!!)

        • Wow, I was just thinking the other day that most LGBT stories make it seem like anyone who isn’t straight spends their whole life wallowing in misery, so I may have to check that out, haha.

          • I highly recommend it! It’s a little messy since it was published posthumously and clearly didn’t undergo the sort of rigorous editing it needed, but it is so refreshing to have that perspective from the early 1900s. Most of the LGBT+ lit I’ve read is depressing as hell, which on a narrative level I usually love but it’s also just like…. enough already!!!

  2. I love these! I was really lucky and managed to get the boxset in a sale but I haven’t got the recent additions yet. There really are some fantastic works in there. You’ve picked some great ones to start your collection! My only issue is that the white Penguin bands on the spines don’t line up – a superficial thing, I know, but it would be so much more aesthetically pleasing if they formed one long band!!

    • Lucky you! I was mighty tempted when I saw the boxset but it wasn’t on sale at the time sadly.

      Oh, I’m totally with you. It’s the one and only gripe I have with the books, haha.

  3. I only have one of these awesome little books (and it’s not even mine…it’s a long term, ahem, loan…meaning I forgot to return it to its rightful owner :P). I didn’t know the back story behind them, though! That’s amazing. I think it’s such a great idea because it makes the classics so much more accessible for people who can’t always afford to pay 7.99 on a book (ie. me :P)

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