16 comments on “Autumn/Winter TBR

  1. You have so much good reading ahead! Plenty of stories to immerse in on days when outside is not an option.

    My TBR is filled with Coastal Magic Con 2018 authors. The con is in February, so I am getting an early start. Highlights are one of my favorites, C.L. Wilson, and meeting new authors like Shaila Patel. Interspersed with these are my author friends latest offerings, like HL Carpenter’s Walled In and Chris Prosaic’s Starter Zone. I am feeling a lot of book love!

  2. This doesn’t really fit my personality at all because I am all about the dark and depressing and atmospheric, but I am SUCH a spring/summer person. Maybe if I lived somewhere slightly less frigid I’d enjoy the cold weather more.

    But anyway this is an amazing TBR. I’ve read a lot of these authors but none of these books! Obviously I’m dying to read The Good People, and I also really want to read Sparkling Cyanide, that’s one of my favorite Christie covers so I’m always tempted by it when I see it in bookstores. Also you should read The Price of Salt by Highsmith!

    • It’s a great cover, isn’t it? it’s so good getting into an author like Christie because we’re just spoilt for choice about what to pick up next.

      I feel like I’m seeing and hearing about Highsmith’s books more and more. It must be the universe telling me to get a move on and pick one up!

  3. Like you, I’m more of an autumn/winter person. I love nothing more than coming home, drawing the curtains, making myself a cup of tea and settling down for the evening with a good book 😀
    It looks like you have some good choices on your TBR list! I read ‘The House on the Strand’ a couple of years back and I remember really enjoying it. I’ve read ‘Rebecca’ and ‘Jamaica Inn’ too. I enjoyed them too.
    Hmm consider my interest piqued too with ‘Matilda’. I can kind of understand why it might have horrified him; perhaps he was concerned readers would think she’d based it on him. Still, I’m interested to see why it horrified him so much!

    • Ooh, that sounds like the perfect evening! 😊

      I’m a big du Maurier fan, for sure. I loved Rebecca and several of her other books, but have been saving Jamaica Inn for now as I’ve heard it’s another of her best.

      Exactly, I’m so intrigued! I imagine by today’s standards it won’t seem so scandalous but I still can’t resist nonetheless 😊

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