10 comments on “The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

    • Yes! I loooooveed it. It was such a shame they never got to the point of the story to introduce Clarice (they only had the rights to characters from the first book, I believe, and she’s introduced in book 2), but I’ve heard they’re currently discussing the possibility of bringing the show back and getting the rights to the rest of the series which would be awesome! 😊

  1. This was an interesting post. And I was inspired by your tropes answer when you said “The girl who ‘isn’t like the other girls’.” That got me playing what if – what if the girl *is* like all the other girls, and is just fine with it, but due to X, it’s required that she become different? Oh, the possibilities!

  2. I don’t like Ron/Hermione either!!!!! I always got the sense that it was a ‘pair the spares’ situation – Harry’s the main character so the two ‘extras’ need to get together to maintain balance in the trio. I always thought Harry and Hermione were better suited if Hermione had to be with either of them (though let’s be real, they’re both way too immature for her). I also can’t stand the ‘bickering couple’ trope.

    I also strongly considered ranting about the ‘girl who isn’t like other girls’ thing for that question. Ugh.

    • I totally agree. They work as friends because they’ve got the whole love/hate thing going on, like a sister/little brother type of relationship where they drive each other crazy but care about each other beneath it all. As a couple they’d end up killing each other!

      Glad you agree on that one, too! I hate how it implies there’s something wrong with being ‘girly’, and that for a girl to be interesting/likeable/strong she has to ditch any sign of femininity.

      • Ron and Hermione totally have a sibling relationship! Same for Harry and Ginny, actually. JK Rowling never was able to get relationships right, that’s my one overarching massive complaint about that series. (Remus and Tonks, really????)

        Oh god, totally, and I hate that that trope is often dressed up in feminist rhetoric, like, ‘this is a STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER look how progressive I am,’ never mind that you’re demonizing all other female characters to raise this one up. Ugh, I hate it so much.

        • Very true, actually. It always annoyed me that pretty much everyone ended up happily married to their first crush and that they were all paired up with someone they went to school with. So no one grew up, went out into the world and met other people? Okay, sure, because that happens all the time in real life…

          Also very true! A lot of writers need to learn that feminine and weak aren’t synonyms. I love a physically strong, kickass heroine, of course, but there are plenty of other ways that female characters can show strength, resilience and worth.

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