23 comments on “Beautiful Barcelona

  1. Fantastic photos, Callum! Looks like you had a wonderful time, and I’m so glad. But it’s nice to have you “back” again. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. (The mosaics and La Familia Sagrada are breathtaking!)

    • Thanks, Marcia! It was lovely to get away for a bit, even if I did somehow manage to come back as pale as ever. Curse this Scottish skin 😉

      They were quite a sight, I must say. It’s definitely a city that’s all about the architecture.

      • Stop cursing your pale, Scottish skin, I say! In times gone by, it was a sign of nobility. Only peasants had tanned skin. And believe me, when they start lopping bits of your face off from sun-caused skin cancer, you learn to look at tans very, very differently. Trust me. I now wear Total Eclipse Sun Block just to walk the 30 feet to my mailbox. And I look on someone with fair skin as being a pretty smart cookie! 😀

        I would love to see the architecture in Barcelona, but not until I’ve seen every single mile of green, green Scotland, cool, misty (rainy?) weather and all. And after seeing so many of Sue Vincent’s beautiful photographs, I’d love to visit Wales, too. That might be second on my list. But Scotland first. (The Scots have a better grasp of the use of vowels in their words.) 😀 😀 😀

        • Well, when you put it like that I’d better keep schtum.

          You’ll no doubt be thrilled to hear that my windows are currently being spattered with good ol’ Scottish rain.

          • Yes. It does my heart good. MINE, on the other hand, are being gilded with 97-degree, blindingly bright and hot, wrinkle and skin cancer-causing Florida SUN!! ARRRRRGGGHHH. I’d rather come visit YOU. 😀

  2. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! I’ve never been to Barcelona but it’s toward the top of my list of places to go! Glad you had fun!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Your photos of the interior of La Sagrada Familia in particular are stunning! Those colours! I visited Barcelona on a two hour coach trip while holidaying in Spain, but it was all such a rush. I really want to go back again sometime!

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