3 comments on “June Wrap Up

  1. I so enjoy seeing the diversity of your reading choices, Callum. It reaffirms one of my favrorite pleasures of being a reader; the ability to read a funny novella and follow it with a deep, intense novel that will leave a lasting impression. As readers, we have an unlimited sense of adventure to indulge.

    I found a fun, light series of novellas through a Facebook group called “Kindle Bookworms.” It was all I could do to put my phone away and get other things done. The series is called “Origins of The Magdon” by Tobey Alexander. My favorite of the four which are available now was, “Origins of The Magdon: Velniki Nagar”. That one featured a shaman, and Archy’s encounter with him had me holding my breath with every page of their encounter.

    The series is about character Archy stumbling onto the remains of a beast, The Magdon, when he was was sixteen years old. His father sent him off to a friend’s archaeological dig that summer to test whether young Archy was truly interested in history or if it was a passing phase.

    Each novella is between 10,000-12,000 words in length. The conclusion is due out later this year. Of course, I am waiting with breathless anticipation. In addition to reading a great story, I saw my first serialized novel where the serialization made sense.

    The series is a hard act to follow, and I’m afraid that the book I’m reading now is paler than it would be if I hadn’t just come off of such a high from the cliffhanger in “Origins of The Magdon: Vatican Archives”.

    • I haven’t been swept up by a series like that for a while; it’s always a great feeling when it happens, especially when there are already a few releases to binge on right away!

      As you said, the downside of a great read is that there can be quite the comedown afterwards, with other reads struggling to live up to raised expectations.

      • My brother is a firm non-fiction reader, but hearing about “Origins of The Magdon” interested him, too. They seem to be eBook only, so his interest will end there. He’s not a fan of technology.

        Point in fact, I’m writing about the series right now, instead of reading the new book. This is my reading time for my work days. Ah, well, there’s tomorrow.

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