6 comments on “Women in Fiction | Beverly Katz

  1. I’ve only read and seen Silence, and loved it’s portrayal of women; not just Clarice, although both her book and film versions are one of my favorite heroines of all time, but Catherine (yes, she was a “damsel in distress”, but I loved that she fought at every second and was smart enough to delay her death through the dog). Even Ardelia was great, she was a fabulous friend. But I’ve been super interested in seeing Hannibal (the TV series. I read that Harris was forced into writing the book, so I have no desire to read or watch the movie), and reading this made me want to watch it even more. I mean, a cool female Asian investigator? Being a half-Asian girl, I definitely want to see that.

    • It’s a beautifully made show with some fantastic female characters (Katz amongst them), so I hope you enjoy it if you give it a go.

      Clarice is an interesting one. I love her in both the book and the film of Silence, but felt she was taken in a very out of character direction in the book of Hannibal. I believe that’s why Jodie Foster declined to come back for the film, but ironically Thomas Harris then encouraged them to take the film in their own direction and they drastically rewrote Clarice’s story. In the end, I actually much preferred her role in the film version of Hannibal than I did the book.

      • I’ve definitely had my eye on it for a while. Now, time is another issue…
        I did read that the author, after the movie came out, was told point blank he had to write more of the series or else someone else would do it. I have a feeling he didn’t care about the book at all, and from what I’ve heard, that’s why the film ending changed; he didn’t care. I’m also a writer, and so I just kinda feel bad for him. But I do love her character in both the book and movie of Silence; she’s definitely an inspiration in those.

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