14 comments on “May Wrap Up

    • I’m very much a mood reader. I find if I try to stick to a rigid TBR and convince myself I have to read something, it just puts me off, even if it’s something I’ve wanted to pick up for a while. What about you? 😊

      • I have always used a TBR sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I am going to pick up whatever I want in June as I feel forced to read things I am not in the mood for. I only read 2 books this month 😣

        • Sometime I wish TBRs worked for me, since it would be easier to make sure certain books don’t sit on my shelves for months or years before I get to them, but sadly it just seems to demotivate me when I feel obliged to read something specific.

          I hope June’s a good month for you! Hopefully mood reading will get you back into the swing of things 😊

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