26 comments on “Book to Film | Misery

    • Thank you! I’d be really interested to see a stage version. Intense scenes between (more or less) just two characters could make for a brilliantly intimate theatre experience.

      • I agree. There might be a youtube clip of it. If I remember correctly, it was Laurie Metcalf from the TV show Roseanne… and after seeing her in one of the scream movies, I know she can definitely pull it off!. And it might have been Bruce Willis.

  1. I love both the book and film, but you’re right in saying that the violence is downplayed – but I’m not surprised by that really. I think this is one of the most successful King book to be made into a film tbh… The Shining is my all time favourite film (cliche) but it’s a different story to the book completely and I can understand why King hated it so much. It, I haven’t read, but the film is pretty silly and I’ve heard so many people say it’s a really terrible version of King’s vision. Thinner was such a difficult movie to make right so it ended up silly instead of creepy, same goes for Cujo etc etc etc I haven’t read many King books and haven’t watch many King-to-movies films, but I’ve heard they’re not all that great. The Green Mile is an amazing film but I have no idea how it compares to the book. Also, I love 1408 as a film but I haven’t read the short… Ok, I’ll stop King rambling now 😛

  2. Heavens to Betsy, that Annie Wilkes was a strange ol’ bitty! I agree with you about Caan’s performance. He maybe overacted the “aloof author” role a bit? We’ve come so far since that movie, of course. I recently caught “The Affair” on Showtime and I thought Dominic West plays an author pretty well. He never stops exuding emotion, even if that emotion is…..wait for it…..aloofness! Heh.

    One of King’s books I felt went rather seemlessly from book to film was “The Stand.” How about you?

    Awesome article. I think I’ll watch this movie again this weekend. 😎🐾💙

    • Yeah, that’s a good point actually. Perhaps I misread his attempt at enigmatic aloofness for woodenness 😋 I haven’t read or seen The Stand yet; I really am very far behind the ol’ King bandwagon! I’ll know to keep an eye out for it now though 😊💜

  3. I really liked both but I loved the book! You’re absolutely right about not capturing the “prisoner’s” inner turmoil. And the “hobbling” scene? *Shudder the book is so much scarier. Nice post ☺

    • It’s definitely worth checking out. Annie Wilkes is probably one of King’s most famous characters and Bates does a wonderful job of bringing her to life. Hope you enjoy it when you get round to watching it! 😊

  4. I’m very sorry, but I haven’t actually read your post because I’m currently reading ‘Misery’ and don’t want any spoilers 😛 But as soon as I have (and have watched the movie), I’ll come back to this!

  5. Right, I’ve returned having both read and watched ‘Misery’ 😀 I completely agree with your points, especially regarding Paul Sheldon’s inner turmoil being lost. I was saying this to someone the other day in the comments on my review of the book. One of the things I loved so much about the book is hearing Paul’s thoughts, being able to get inside his head and experience his terror first hand as opposed to just witnessing it second hand. In the scenes where he’s in dire need of pain medication, his thoughts become delirious, almost as though he’s descending into madness, and you get a real sense of his desperation.
    Speaking of the Novril, he doesn’t become addicted to that in the movie like he does in the book, which I thought was quite strange. Aside from when Annie deliberately hurts him, for the most part he seems able to deal with his pain quite well.
    I agree with you on the ‘hobbling’ scene, though. The book version is way more horrifying!

    • That’s very true about the medication, and I suppose that just adds to the point that we don’t get anywhere near as much of a feel for Sheldon’s suffering and inner struggles in the film, with the addiction being another good example of what was missing.

  6. if im remembering it correctly ( i read it back when i was in high school like what 10 years ago? pff) there was a scene in the book where Paul was forced to drink from the bucket of water that was used to mop up the floor but if im not wrong it was left out of the movie. im not sure if its accurate but somehow i recall that i was really really mad about leaving that out.

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