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  1. I loved reading your post Callum! I haven’t heard of a lot of these but my interest is piqued. I definitely want to check out Give Me A God I Can Relate To. I’ve been wanting to read more poetry lately. And I did not know that David Mitchell speaks Japanese! I’m reading one of his books right now.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it 😊 Yeah, I believe he lived in Japan for a while. His wife is Japanese and she’s actually the co-translator of the book. Their own son has autism and they loved the book, hence why they wanted to translate it 😊

      • Oh wow, I had no idea! That’s so interesting. I’m reading Black Swan Green right now which is his semi-autobiographical novel about growing up in Worcestershire, and it’s hard to imagine this kid going on to live in Japan, it’s so focused on his small town life. Good for him!

  2. Awesome choices! I particularly agree with your choice for Hera. I think Gretel is a character so often overlooked, but although she’s a child, she’s far stronger than her fairy tale peers. So many fairy tales frustrate the hell out of me with the whole damsel in distress theme. It’s nice to see a female character using her intellectual strength to overcome adversity!

    • Absolutely, I was thinking about my favourite fairy tales recently and realised that every one of them had a strong female character that defied the damsel in distress trope or focussed on family/friendship rather than finding Prince Charming. Gretel embodies both these qualities 😊

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