13 comments on “Let’s Recommend | Historical Fiction

  1. I haven’t read any historical fiction for so long – it all seems to be related to the future for me at the moment – or alternate realities! All The Light We Cannot See sounds like a good read. Thanks as always for the recommendations 🙂

  2. All the lights we cannot see is in my TBR and from your quick description seems very interesting. I don’t know if The Hunt by William Diehl is considered historical fiction? It is set in world war 2 and that book made me forget everything else. I just closed myself off in a room and read lol.

  3. I read All the Light We Cannot See around Christmastime a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with it. I love how Doerr plays with the timeline and goes back and forth between different points in the characters’ lives. I’m definitely looking forward to rereading it soon!

  4. I don’t read much Historical Fiction, so this was good to read! I’m actually planning on reading Between Shades of Grey next, so I’m glad to know it’s well received! 🙂

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