20 comments on “A Bestseller, You Say?

  1. Dude! That is awesome. I just downloaded the book and look forward to giving it a read. I need to see these fine works which compare to Shakespeare and Poe.

  2. Most excellent, Callum!! I clearly remember Wake-Robin Ridge popping up between Stephen King and Dean Koontz once, and it stayed there several weeks. Never since, though. BUT. You print that out and you FRAME it!!! It’s a terrific feeling, regardless, and it will carry you through the slower times. And remember, too, you EARNED it! Way to go!

      • It is, indeed. And Shakespeare and Poe are in a class by themselves! Give me Poe over King, any day, though I do admit, I love Koontz. 🙂 But to be there beside the masters? You ROCK, Callum!

          • I discovered Poe at 12, lo those many years ago, and I devoured every word he ever wrote. I still love him! Hope you take some time to check him out. Would enjoy hearing what you think. (And read The Raven out loud. It begs to be intoned!!) 🙂

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