20 comments on “Let’s Recommend | Psychological Books

  1. I don’t know if it’s just me but psychological thrillers leave a bad taste in my mouth and I’m horrified for months. Although that doesn’t stops me from reading them. Gone Girl is the latest I read so the only one that comes to mind!

    • They can definitely get under your skin, that’s for sure. Gone Girl’s a great example; Flynn seems to be great at creating detestable characters and yet gripping plots.

      Thanks for your comment! 😊

  2. This is a great list – none of which I’ve read – but lately the thrillers that I HAVE, most were mediocre. I haven’t been looking for any more to add to my shelf, but if I do, I’ll definitely be turning to these select few!

    • I think with traditional thrillers, there’s so many out there that there can be a lot of mediocre ones hiding the real gems, so I know what you mean.

      The ones I included here are less thrillers in the sense of fast paced, twists and turns, etc. and more the kind of psychological books that really get into the minds of their characters.

      Thanks for your comment! 😊

  3. Great choices, Callum. I particularly enjoy psychological thrillers, especially those that set the heart racing! Follow You Home by Mark Edwards terrified me and seriously messed with my head! If that’s a recommendation, then that’s mine 😀

  4. Sooooo, basically, I just gained like 5 more books to my TBR. Thanks. XD Haha but seriously, I’m particularly interested in The Boy Who Could See Demons. Sounds like my kinda party~.

  5. Interesting collection of Books!!
    Read The Vendor of Sweets by R. K. Narayan, last month. (if I can read one book per month, that’s a miracle).
    Reading Vladimir Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ at the moment!!
    Have you read them!! What did you think?

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