13 comments on “The Pastry Book Tag

  1. I felt the same about Magonia! I’m glad I’m not the only one, there was so much hype with that one. Also, your answer about the “darker parts of our past,” is not cheesy. One of the things I always talk about with my historian buddies is how important it is that people truly understand why those types of events happened, if not they are forgotten, ignored, or misinterpreted and none of that helps us develop the world in positive ways.

  2. I actually re-read The Lord of the Rings series awhile back and it was worth the time. Now, The Simarillion is a different story. That was tough to get through. Have you ever read The Mists of Avalon?

  3. I’ve been meaning to read ‘We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves’! And you did good, avoiding reviews and such, since the twist is super important to the story. I actually got to hear Karen Joyce Fowler speak at a conference this year, and she told us all to avoid the summary blurb on the back of the hardcover edition, because it gives the twist away. ^-^

    • Oh wow, I’m surprised the blurb would give it away, because it is a major turning point in the book. That seems like a major slip up by the publisher – especially since it sounds like the author herself disagreed with the decision. Very interesting! 🙂

      • It was a definitely a huge slip-up. It’s fixed in the later editions, but for some reason they just left it on the original hardcover. I’m guessing it is partially because they are a smaller publisher? Maybe a big reprint would have been far too costly for them?

        Regardless, I agree that is was a bizarre decision to begin with. I do love the fact that Fowler is actively warning potential readers about it. If I’m remembering correctly, she said something like, “Take that dust-jacket right off and throw it in the corner!” haha ^-^

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