10 comments on “Bedtime Book Tag

  1. Your responses are always the best, especially for book tags. 😀 I never thought much of The Turn of the Screw, but now I must admit I am damn well enticed…

  2. That illustration is magnificent, and horrifying! I liked your answers – the life is cruel comment made me laugh out loud! It’s a fun tag – I might just have to take part 😀

    • It is, isn’t it – Jim Kay really did a wonderful job bringing Ness’ words to life on the page. I think he captured the mood of the story perfectly.

      Thanks, Mel 🙂 I couldn’t resist when I saw it either, so I’d love to see your answers if you get round to taking part.

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  5. Interesting Q&A. I wondered what a Bedtime Book Tag was.
    I really enjoyed it. So I’ve been automatically tagged, by reading this itself!
    OK, I’ll play. But let me finish a few more posts first.
    Nuwan Sen

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