17 comments on “Favourite Characters Tag

  1. Oh my god, Tim Curry was amazing and I love Legend too. I think I wore out my tape (yes I just made myself incredibly old by referring to VHS 😉 when I was younger. Such a great choice. They are all great choices. Will Graham’s character is so complex, you summed his role up perfectly, and it’s awesome to see so many kick-ass women on the list! Thanks so much for tagging me. You’re absolutely right – I do love my movies 😉

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  3. Hi. I’m visiting over from Melissa’s blog. She tagged me for the 777 Challenge too, so I’m visiting all the fine people sho share my faith 😉

    I did this challenge too. Was a great fun. I know most of the characters you mentioned, and, you know… I chose Eomer 😉

    Never heard of Dancer in the Dark, but sounds like a beautiful film.

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      It really was a fun list to make, so I was happy to be tagged in it. As for Dancer in the Dark, it’s definitely unlike anything else I’ve seen.

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