30 comments on “Writerly Resolutions

  1. Happy New Year, Callum!

    I admire your goal. I think you’ll have a great time with them.

    My one goal as a reader and a writer is the same as it always is…to enjoy every moment!

  2. You have wonderful goals, Callum, and something tells me you’ll meet every one of them! My book Secrets In Big Sky Country is due for publication Sept. 2015 so that is going to be my number one goal: Stay healthy while making it happen 😀

  3. Sounds like great goals to keep you busy and heading in the right direction. I myself, am looking forward to your poetry compilation 😉 but I’ve said that before. I also hope to tempt you into participating in something fun I’m throwing in way of short story as well (more later!). Best of luck to you Callum, you are very talented and your poetry is breath taking and meaningful.

  4. I have only four loose resolutions, and I’ll go into more detail about them as the new year starts. I’ve always heard it’s bad luck to tell people your resolutions before the start of the year. While I’m not an overly superstitious person, I need all the good luck I can get in my life. 🙂 Good luck with your resolutions!

  5. So excited to hear about publishing your poetry collection. I wish you the best of luck in doing all your resolutions. I myself have a writing resolution for 2015: I want to finish writing my first book, which is a semi-autobiographical novel. As for reading goals I don’t think I’ll be making any new reading challenges for next year. I almost finished my 2014 reading challenge on Goodreads, and in 2015 I want to dedicate my free time to writing.

    Happy New Year 🙂

  6. Excellent goals, Callum, and of course number one is enough to have me bouncing around on my chair (the fist bump is reserved for when it’s actually available!). I know exactly what you mean about fun, family and food. I got to see my brother and that was just the icing on the cake (and there was a lot of cake!). Anyway. Happy New Year, my friend – here’s hoping you get everything you wish for.

  7. Good goals, my friend. I’m sure you’ll meet them. My goals are to write everyday or week and not just for a few months a year. And hopefully write at least 7,000 words a week, 1,000 a day. Just got your new book a few days ago. The cover design is great. Looking forward to reading it!

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