13 comments on “Deeper

  1. I love the way you used the rhythm in this piece to pull the reader in and take them down into a well of pure emotion. It gave me goosebumps; the very darkness and despair. I’m going to need to flick through your archive and find myself a pick me up 😉 Nice work, Callum.

      • There’s plenty to choose from 🙂 I love Light Bringer…though I don’t remember seeing it the first time round. You are going to have a hard time selecting for the book – though I imagine you have your favourites 🙂

        • It’s tough, it feels like choosing a favourite child 😉 I would like to include some originals that I’ve never posted anywhere too so that if there’s anyone who follows my blog that gets the collection, they’ll have something new to read for the first time 🙂

          • I think everyone who reads your blog will get a copy so that will be cool 🙂 You should definitely do a giveaway too because how cool would a signed copy be 😀 And I can sympathise with the dilemma of choosing…it seems an impossible task to me!

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