32 comments on “We (don’t) need to talk…

  1. I’m totally with you on this, Callum. Except for talking briefly about what I’m working on with my family and close friends, I keep my work to myself. A big part of it, for me, is linked to understanding and whenever I’ve tried to explain my work I feel like I’m justifying it somehow. It doesn’t feel natural. We all have people we lean on for different things in life, and I’m just happy I have friends to lean on in my writing life. They are as precious as my writing 🙂

  2. *hand darts into the air* That is me all the way. I was actually gonna do a post similar to this based on a thought I had this morning about how I react to people asking me about my book, writing, etc. I clam up so bad, I’ve crafted the one response I know will shove people’s interest away almost immediately.

    When I first released The Soul, it took me a few hours of panic and anxiety to share it on my personal Facebook. The reactions I got for weeks – months – afterward was huge. People I’ve known years coming up to me or commenting, “Hey! Had no idea you were a writer! Where can I get a copy of your book?!”

    I’m (slightly) better about it now, but man… for years, I wanted to keep those two parts of myself separate… It sucked.

    I like them better coalesced into one. :]

    • I’d love to read it if you still go ahead with that post!

      It’s an odd situation. I think everyone has their passion and hates feeling like they need to explain or justify it to someone who just doesn’t get it.

      I’m slowly learning to find a balance between the two parts of my life. Maybe I’ll get there one day 😉

  3. I’m the same way. I usually keep my writing to myself unless the person is really close to me. I’m not a big sharer when it comes to my personal life or my writing. It makes me nervous to share what I’m writing with someone else because I don’t want them to judge it before it’s finished. I have told a few people I want to be a writer, and they end up telling me how to write something or which stories I should write. I mean I don’t mind, but I want to come up with my own ideas because I have plenty swimming around in my head.

    This is one reason I joined the book blogging community. Not many people in my real life read anything similar to me, so it’s nice to have people to talk with about my interests without being judged for enjoying reading.

    • Exactly, often the people in our lives – in spite of how much we love them – are completely different to us. With blogging, we can seek out the ones who will understand our way of thinking. Thanks for commenting!

  4. This is a great post, Callum. I thought it was just me! For the most part, people know I write, but also that I don’t talk about it. Early on, when I shared what I was doing, the glazed-over looks made me question what I was doing. And when I said I was “working on a project” or I couldn’t do something because I was WRITING, the “Oh gee, that’s too bad” comments taught me to keep it to myself. I like it this way though 🙂 I, too, love the blogging world, where everyone’s 2cents worth matters.

    • Thats good to hear! I think people who don’t have a big creative interest find it difficult to understand what we do and we, similarly, find it hard to explain. Thank goodness for fellow bloggers and writers! 🙂

  5. I don’t talk about my writing much to people I know. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to see their glazed expressions like when I had spoken to friends about my jobs in finance. My writing is my own creation–it’s me. I don’t want to share it with people who won’t appreciate its importance to me.

  6. My family is incredibly supportive of my writing, but yeah, I don’t tend to talk with them in-depth about it 😀 Even my best friend knows little about what I actually do. But when I meet someone with the same passion and interest in books and writing, I can chat for hours!

  7. Interesting blog post. I think my circumstances are just a bit different as my writing is outside of my day job. I wish I could scream it to the sky’s some days and have it as my full time job, but right now it’s my full time passion. Those closest to me know and I’m trying to get more involved with those who write through various groups online or in person, I love the community. I just want to get to that space where I do have some published pieces to really shine about – hopefully soon.

    • That’s an interesting point to raise because I think many of us ironically don’t like talking about our passions to others in case they aren’t as enthusiastic as we are, and when you’re a full time writer, your job IS your passion, so it’s an odd feeling at times.

  8. Well, I can certainly relate to this!
    I have been writing since I was 14, but I think there were only two people who knew about it until I started to write on my blog in 2013!
    In depth conversations about writing? Yea, maybe with 3 people max and of course a bunch of writers I know. Writing is so personal and very hard to understand for people who don’t write.
    Of course people know that I am a writer now. It’s hard to hide that fact when you start publishing things lol 😉
    But still, the drive, the passion, the why… It’s something just a few can understand.
    Hugz & Love ❤

  9. I totally relate to this blog post. No one in my family knows that I have a blog.. let alone that I write poetry. Only 3 of my close friends know about it because I trust them 100 per cent and they know how much it means to me.

    • I’m glad it could resonate with you. It seems it’s something a lot of us can understand, which is great. I suppose writing is often so personal that it can be difficult to open up about it to other people.

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