20 comments on “Never Give Up

  1. Thanks for the reminders! I’m twiddling my thumbs (and writing new stuff) as I wait to hear back from editors and agents who expressed initial interest in some of my manuscripts – and while I wait, others keep sending rejections. It can get a little gloomy – but I’m gripping onto hope! And in good company, as you have reminded me.

  2. Great post, it is always good to remind yourself of these things sometimes. It can be difficult to continue to have faith in yourself and your writing sometimes. I always have moments of panic when I wonder if I am completely rubbish and kidding myself on, but I always tell myself that I would write anyway and you just have to persevere. Thanks for the positive messages – much appreciated!

    • I think we all have those moments of self-doubt. It’s always nice to put it into perspective by reminding ourselves that even the world’s best writers will also have undoubtedly faced the exact same setbacks at one time. If they can reach success, why not any one of us? 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing these inspiring stories – just what I needed today! I loved the last one especially. I had no idea George Eliot was a pseudonym! 😀

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