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  1. The thought of a broken spine on a book brings me out in a cold sweat! I’m so anal when it comes to my books and most on my shelf are pristine! My family and friends won’t lend them because they’re terrified 😉 I like to look at old books; ones that have a history behind them and some of mine are really old too. Great post, Callum. I like to know how others approaching reading.

  2. This is great. I have some of the similar habits. I hate having my books messed up. I try to keep them pristine, too. I gave one to a friend once and she destroyed it, ripped the whole cover off and everything only because she’s not good at keeping books neat. I’m still upset! I shouldn’t be, though.

      • You’re welcome. Good to know I’m not the only one.

        I only have about 40 pages left of your book. I’m excited to see what we’ll happen to Eva and Matthew (the baby). I won’t look ahead, though.

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  4. When I was about 13-14, I got a wild hair up my ass that convinced me to start writing in my books. And the way I would do that is edit it with my little red pen. It was fun, but only lasted for the length of one chapter before I realized the error (and inherent horrors) of my ways. My thinking now aligns more with yours on that one. :]

  5. i am so happy to know that I am not the only one who can’t stop half-way through a chapter, wants to read several books at once but sticks to only one, or maybe two, never really skips the pages intentionally and does not write in books. 😛

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