20 comments on “All Good Things Come to an End

  1. Before I ever start writing I always have the climax of the plot in mind. Then I write toward that, and throw as much trouble as I can in along the way. I usually have the end in my head about a chapter in. Then I try to figure out how to fit the pieces together and often wind up with my novel on its head before I get it right.

  2. I don’t really need to answer this, since you probably know what I’m going to say (not that I repeat myself or anything!). I rarely, if ever, know the ending. Sometimes I have a vague outline in my head, I certainly have a sense of where the story will go. But the end happens as a progression and I let it come – whether that’s half way through or right at the crux of the matter. I suffer similar anxiety to you though; I get nervous about the ending – usually it’s a reluctance for it to end. Sometimes it’s as you said – anxiety about not doing the piece justice. I do plan more than I used to, but even now I leave the ending for my characters to decide 🙂

    It was interesting to create the plot breakdown for the daily prompts this week because yesterday I actually wrote the end (ambiguous as it was). I couldn’t decide how it should end specifically because the progression thing matters and if I were writing that story – I wouldn’t know until the last minute.

    Okay, so I’ve rambled enough for this evening! Interesting post and I’m glad you’re having fun with the WIP. I hope you enjoy writing those final scenes and I’m absolutely sure you’ll do the story justice.

    • I can totally understand that as well. When we’ve been working on something for a long time – and thinking about it for even longer – then wrapping things up and moving on to something else can be daunting.

      It’s always fascinating to hear about how other writers approach things. Stepping out of our comfort zone and considering different methods is only ever a good thing, so thanks as always for sharing your thoughts! I’d never normally go into something without a clear end goal for the plot but perhaps it’s worth trying sometime.

      Thank you also for the vote of confidence and words of encouragement, they mean a lot 🙂

  3. “I often find myself feeling this way; specific, major plot points – including the ultimate climax – live in my head for so long that I find myself almost hesitant to actually form the scenes in words in spite of my own anticipation to progress. I suppose it’s down to a fear that I won’t be able to do justice to the clarity within my mind and this inkling of doubt is more than enough to spark off some rather annoying bouts of procrastination from time to time.”

    ^ THAT IS SO ME. I do that all the time. It’s like… I’m so close and wanna be done with it because I’ve been writing it forever, right? haha, but on the other hand I’m so reluctant to get to these scenes and then have them fall flat on their anticlimactic faces.

    Not sayin’ I’m rejoicing in your fears, but I’m happy I’m at least not the only one who does that haha.

    Excited to hear some official news on this thing, Callum!

    • Not to worry, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one too! 😉 It’s such a double edged sword; you want it to be done but you want it to be done right.

      I’ll be sure and update on here as things move forward. I’m that constant mix of excited and wanting to throw up so I guess I’m getting there slowly but surely!

  4. Endings are kinda like beginnings, in that they have to be really strong, and that can be rather daunting at times 🙂 I think it is easier when you know what the ending will be, though, if you know where the story is headed, I think it’s easier to get it all wrapped up into a satisfying conclusion.

    Congrats on getting to the end of your manuscript! That’s brilliant news and worth celebrating 😀

  5. That’s a excellent question. Hmmm, I have a random idea how to end my stories but I must say that the last steps towards the ending sometimes surprise me a bit. Like, I am writing and then I read back and think ‘O? I didn’t know that, cool!’ lol 🙂
    Lots of love

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