4 comments on “It’s All Go

  1. I’m pretty much right there with you. I’m working on the sequel to my debut released in March, but when I considered other projects that I could be working on as well, I kinda blanched and clung onto this sequel.

    Of course, I got over that because I realized that I’d love to work on a new project, haha. I do love when a manuscript comes together, though – it’s a feeling unlike any other.

    • I totally agree; when something has been consuming your mind for so long and all creative attention has been focussed on it, it’s going to take some time to cut those strings and move onto something new. Any worthwhile project will end up feeling just as treasured once we get into it though – I suppose it’s the sign of a good manuscript.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  2. My problem is I get the buzz as soon as an idea comes into my head, which means the works in progress are stacking up! But I can completely relate to what you experienced, and I think in my obsessive ways that’s why I juggle so many novels at the same time. I can’t let them go, and always manage to find a reason to write another one. So if you have four different series waiting for attention, and characters chomping at the bit to be heard – it can drive you a little mad! Hands of Evil, which is a sequel to Sins of the Father, has been ready for over a year and yet I neglected it to work on other projects. I love the story, and the protagonist is one of my favourites and yet I didn’t give it the attention it deserved. I just have to accept it’s the way I work, while finding a balance and not pushing projects aside because the editing process isn’t as exciting as the creation of it. That said, Hands of Evil is now with beta-readers and I aim to publish it at the end of July. I’m clinging onto that date, otherwise another year will pass before I know what’s happened 🙂
    I’m glad you’ve feeling excited about your new project. It might be a way off, but I’m looking forward to the opportunity of reading it.

    • I think that’s exactly it; accepting that we all have our process and we can’t rush these things. Stories that live in our brain and consume our thoughts for so long will always be a part of us in some way, so it’s only natural I think to sometimes struggle when it comes to officially saying “it’s ready” and sending it out into the world.

      Thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot! I’m equally as excited to delve into more of your work 🙂

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