2 comments on “It’s a Balancing Act

  1. It’s a constant balancing act, and I envy your day-job 🙂 I know how it feels to be tired. As a sign language interpreter I spend my days processing information between two different languages. It can be extremely tiring on the brain. I sometimes think I take in so much information, honing my short-term memory, that my brain dumps other information just to make room. That’s my excuse for my appalling memory, and I’m sticking to it!

    I also translate between BSL and English. So I take a message in BSL and translate it to the written word. As BSL has no written form, it then has to be signed back. I enjoy this part of my work, because it’s working with language and both languages I particularly love, but it is exhausting.

    Being on my own with two teenagers also has it’s challenges, but it’s a job I wouldn’t change for all the accolades in the world. Still, keeping up with my blog/s when my brain is mush by the end of the day is not an easy thing. So, yes, I find my own projects are feeling a little neglected of late.

    It’s a good thing I’m a night owl. It seems writing into the early hours is the only way I can give the people in my head any attention at all 🙂

    Something has to give, I suppose. I’m going to try to keep up with the blogs because I’ve met some amazing people, and I value all the support. But I also feel that inevitable pull towards the adventures going on in my brain, whether I want them to or not!

    • Language work can be pretty hard going. I know that even a couple of hours working on tricky articles and my brain just demands a break. My sister-in-law is a translator and interpreter from English and German into French and I know from her as well that constantly switching mind sets between different languages can be very exhausting.

      I can relate to being a night owl as well. I actually find the vast majority of my poetry in particular is written in the small hours of the morning. What is it about writers and an aversion to sleep? 😉

      I suppose it’s finding the drive to keep balancing everything in spite of any difficulties that shows true passion and commitment, so perhaps it’s not such a bad thing after all 🙂

      Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts.

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